Specializing in water damage and cleanup, Utah Disaster Pros place a special focus on mold prevention.

With the use of mold prevention technology, you won't have to worry about the presence of mold in your home

When it comes to mold prevention, you shouldn't wait. After water damage has pervaded your home following a flood, broken pipe, or overflowing sink or toilet, it doesn't take long for mold to start growing without proper cleanup. If you are worried about the presence of this harmful substance in your home following a disaster, don't hesitate to call the professionals from Utah Disaster Pros. Although the cleanup crew from this company can handle a variety of different disasters, dealing with water damage and mold prevention is one of their many specialties.

Not only does the team from Utah Disasters pros make sure that the water damage cleanup job is done impeccably, but they use advanced mold prevention cleanup technology so that you don't have to worry about the presence of this material in your home. The next time you need someone to handle water damage cleanup, don't settle for a mediocre company that will only take care of parts of your home, and stick with the Disaster Pros for the best service possible.

Mold can present serious health concerns and can spread quickly through your home or business if left unchecked. Disaster Pros utilizes proven mold remediation techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to protect you and your property. Disaster Pros can assist you with:

• Mold remediation
• Concerns about black mold
• Mold inspection and prevention

The professionals from Utah Disaster Pros are the best in the business

The team of experts from Disaster Pros is comprised of two highly professional individuals that each have extensive knowledge of mold prevention techniques. The first member of Disaster Pro's water damage cleanup crew is Trevor Schneck. He has over twenty five years of experience in the construction and mold prevention industry. The other member of Disaster Pro's water damage cleanup crew is Brandon Arnell. He has over nine years in the mold prevention and restoration industry and puts a strong emphasis on customer service. Combined, the skills of these two water damage cleanup crew members make Utah Disaster Pros the best mold prevention team in the state.

When you need water damage cleanup done, don't wait. Putting off cleanup and mold prevention will only cause the problem to get worse and potentially cause permanent damage to your home. Instead, call the Disaster Pros for the best service in the area. The pros from this team will get over to your home as soon as possible so the chance of the mold in your home getting worse or spreading isn't even a problem. 

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